My statement on the board’s failure to pass a racial equity policy

The work of our Community Relation Commission must be valued, and the fight for Racial Equity must not be silenced. Please watch the video below on how the village board is silencing the work of the Community Relations Commission. Additionally, read the accompanying statement, posted in a seperate PDF, and take action today. 

Additionally, you can watch the statements of Trustee Boutet and Maroney here - at 1:01:40 mark:…

Here’s our official statement. You can download it here

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Why is the Oak Park Board of Trustees resisting a racial equity policy?

  • The Community Relations Commission (CRC) recommended the adoption of a “Governing for Racial Equity Framework” nearly 1 year ago.  It has yet to appear on the agenda or come up for a vote.

  • Community members who have applied for, interviewed for, and been recommended to join the CRC have been withheld from the approval process - resulting in a Commission that is dwindling in size and influence.

  • During this same time, over 12 community members have applied for, interviewed for, been recommended for, and been approved to join other commissions.  

  • The Village President and Village Manager control what items appear on the Board Meeting agendas.  This includes the Governing for Racial Equity Framework, as well as the approvals for commission appointments.  

  • During the 1/14 Board meeting, Trustee Boutet expressed concern that the commissions (specifically the CRC) are not being leveraged enough.  This was vehemently denied by other board members.

We conclude:  

  • Our current leadership does not want to pursue a conversation around racial equity.

  • Our current leadership is actively trying to block conversations about racial equity.  

  • Our current leadership does not prioritize racial equity in our community.  

Our campaign, and the efforts of so many equity-focused community organizations, are rooted in pursuing racial equity.  We refuse to remain silent when these efforts are being ignored and manipulated.

What Can You Do?

Arti Walker-Peddakotla