Oak Park Regional Housing Center

Question/Prompt: As candidates for office, we would like to know your view of the recently passed affordable housing ordinance and if you are supportive of Oak Park’s goal of maintaining an integrated and diverse community.

Like many people, I moved to Oak Park in large part due to the reputation built by the Housing Center, and the Fair Housing Ordinance. It is easy to forget how revolutionary that Ordinance was at the time, and it is that revolutionary spirit that I hope can be reignited at Village Hall. The recent passage of an IZO is long overdue. While I celebrate the work of so many community members that it took to get this policy in place, I am disappointed that the ordinance does not go far enough. I remain hopeful that a progressive board in Village Hall will be able to strengthen this ordinance and place a higher value on the experience of low-income residents and the ways in which they enrich our community. I wholeheartedly believe that the Oak Park that supported the Fair Housing Ordinance is the same Oak Park we live in today - and that we can reclaim our bold, progressive ideals and become a true leader in racially equitable governing.

Arti Walker-Peddakotla